Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents, Children and Families

Dr. Bess has over thirty years experience providing individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults. 
Specific areas of expertise include:
Developmental Crises: helping children, adolescents and parents cope with divorce, social adjustment difficulties, educational problems, and other developmental crises.
Transitional Life Crises: helping adults cope with divorce, other relationship changes, and the challenges associated with significant transitions in life.
Spiritual/Religious Issues: with degrees from the University of Southern California in religious studies and the University of Chicago Divinity School in the History and Psychology of Religions and with specialized training in Jungian-oriented psychotherapy, Dr. Bess recognizes that for many people seeking therapeutic assistance a primary concern is their struggle to find a sense of meaning or purpose in their lives.  Whether a person is religiously oriented or not, believer or non-believer, when such issues are a concern psychotherapy provides a confidential opportunity to explore them without pressure to adhere to any particular belief system or religious practice.  Dr. Bess welcomes individuals to bring such issues into the therapy process and provides guidance to help them explore their concerns or needs in their own way.

Couples Counseling and Consultation

Dr. Bess has over twenty-five years experience working collaboratively with couples and parents encountering difficulties in their relationship who are seeking to renew and improve their relationship and/or are contemplating the possible termination of their relationship, providing:

Couples Counseling to work on improving and developing communication and relationship skills

Consultation to explore alternatives for resolving marital and family issues
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